Cancer Diagnosis Angel Investment Tops $1 million

May 16, 2024

As revealed on CityBiz this week, we are delighted to confirm that ahead of our upcoming launch on StartEngine we have raised $1 million in an initial angel funding round for our cancer diagnosis technology. This brings the total raised by early investors to $3.1 million to date.

In addition to this investment, Epi One’s StartEngine funding round launches very soon, giving you the opportunity to invest in a company that is seeking to revolutionize early cancer detection and care, with the potential to make a profound impact on millions of lives worldwide.

Epi One was founded by Neng Yang and Sophia F. Fang. Both have MD and PhD degrees, Sophia’s from U.S. and Chinese universities, and Neng’s from Chinese institutions. The company is led by Michael Marquardt, a member of the national board of the American Cancer Society and currently the chair of its first enterprise-wide fundraising campaign. Marquardt has previously served as CEO of four companies.


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