Led by investment

Epi One is tapping into the vast opportunity sitting at a massive technological inflection point.

Epi One aims to revolutionize the U.S. cancer diagnostics market, which is anticipated to reach:

$70 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 8.4% from 2022.


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early detection of cancer symptoms

Backed by $3.1M in early angel funding and led by renowned CEO Michael Marquardt and a prolific scientific team, we believe Epi One is equipped to make its mark at the forefront of cancer research.

We believe industry-leading accuracy, coupled with the scalability and cost-effectiveness of our platform, can position us to be a leader in the current landscape of cancer diagnostics. Our business model focuses on initially providing laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) in CLIA Laboratories, with a second phase of FDA-approved diagnostic kits for mass distribution.

By investing in Epi One, you're supporting a company seeking to revolutionize early cancer detection and care, with the potential to make a profound impact on millions of lives worldwide.


Join our journey toward a future where cancer diagnosis is faster, more accurate, and more accessible than ever before.

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